Event Investment 2023 

Collection 1

+ up to 6 hours event coverage.
+ 1 photographer.
+ unlimited high resolution downloads.
+ photographed on film & digital formats.
+ online print + viewing gallery.
+ all travel costs included. 


Collection 2

+ up to 8 hours of event coverage 
+ 1 photographer.
+ unlimited high resolution downloads.
+ photographed on film & digital formats.
+ online print + viewing gallery.
+ all travel costs included 


Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: How do we receive the photos?
A: I’ll send you a private online gallery where you can download all of the high resolution images, and you’re able to share the link with any family or friends!  No watermarks on any of the images or a limit to downloads! They’re all yours to do what you want with.  You’re able to print directly from the gallery however you have full printing rights so you’re welcome to print the images wherever you’d like!

Q: What’s the turn around time for photos? 
A: Around 4-8 weeks at most!  I also will send you some preview images within a week after your wedding while everythign is still fresh :) 

Q: How does payment work?
A: I’ll send you an online link where you’re able to pay directly online via e-check/bank transfer, or via credit/debit card.  I require a 30% non-refundable retainer upon booking and the rest is due one month before your wedding.  If you’d like to split the second payment up into smaller payments you can absolutely do that as well! 

Q: Do you shoot film?
A: I shoot a mix of both film and digital (120 and 35mm), if you have a strong preference of more film or less film you can definitely let me know ahead of time - you can usually find me with at least 4+ cameras on me at any given time :) 

Q: Do you give back RAW photos?
A: I have spent so many years really fine tuning every aspect of my culling, color correcting and post process.  RAW photos are what come striaght out of the camera and are kind of like an unfinished painting!  All of the images you get back are edited, high resolution jpegs that are suited for printing as large as you want!    

Q: How many weddings do you take on in a year?
A: Around 15!  After 10 years of photographing weddings I have definitely realized the importance of limiting the amount of weddings I take on.  It is such an involved and personal experience so I want to make sure every couple gets the absolute best version of myself from start to finish! 

Q: Do you offer albums?
A: I only offer album design for my wedding couples!  I offer custom fine art, archival quality albums at any point after your wedding.  If you’re interested I’m happy to send over my album guide at any point!  

Q: Ready to book?
A: If you’ve received this proposal that means your date is still available!  I’ll reach out if anyone else inquires about your date however in order to officially secure your date, the 30% retainer and signed contract is required.  If you’re ready to make things official, reach out and let me know you’re in and I’ll send everything your way!  

I work with a select number of wedding clients each year to make sure that your experience & images are personal & excellent from start to finish!   

Let me know if you want to officially secure your date and I’ll send over a link to book! A 30% deposit (paid directly online or via cc) & signed contract is required  :)